An INDEPTH physiotherapy service that was originally designed to cater to dancers- both novice and elite.  Having been a dancer, I am familiar with the chaotic and highly demanding training regime that young dancers are expected to adhere to. Legs at 180 degrees, splits in every direction, dancing on the tips of your toes- these are just some of the things that are ‘normal’ for dancers and are often required as they progress in their training. I am a strong advocate that SPORT SPECIFIC rehab is essential in order to return the athlete safely to sport. Why not seek out a therapist that speaks the language of the sport, understands the training and has personal experience with the sport?

 - This is reason INDEPTH Physio exists. 

I am striving to bridge the gap between physio and return to dance

offering an on-site service that provides dance specific rehabilitation programs, direct communication with instructors and in-class observations to further assess dance technique. I want to encourage dancers to report injuries when they first occur and teach them self management strategies to prevent future injuries and promote the longevity of their bones and joints! Dance specific assessments, anatomy workshops and personalized flexibility & conditioning programs are just a few of the services INDEPTH physio aims to offer.

While INDEPTH has a dance physio niche, we also cater to the “average joes”.  Not a dancer or an athlete by any means?  Just motivated to get back to moving pain-free and be able to enjoy life?)  Great!  We also LOVE seeing “regular people”!  Whether you are just wanting to strengthen post surgery, have an ankle fracture and are stuck in a boot for 8 weeks, or are sick of being a victim to your chronic low back pain- there is a program for YOU) not found.  We ultimately want to get people moving and moving WELL.  If you are looking for a physio that is one-on-one, offers private treatments with a focus on exercise, INDEPTH is for you.  While there is a place for the “zapper” machines, 

INDEPTH primarily focuses on using MOVEMENT AS A MODALITY.

We want to get you moving and moving WELL.

So whether you’re trying to recover from an over-ambitious jetté, twisted your ankle during a sequence of Buck Time Steps, or are just a “regular joe” looking to get moving again, INDEPTH Physio will be there to get you back in those shoes (-whether they are dancing shoes or not!)

CONTACT INDEPTH today and let’s get you back to moving pain-free.